Seamless Real-time Collaboration
in Microsoft Office

Combining the power of desktop productivity, cloud storage, and real-time collaboration in Word and PowerPoint.

Get work done quicker, better, and together

Real-time collaboration beyond file sharing

Fast, responsive, real-time collaborative editing

Say goodbye to email attachments. Work simultaneously on the same document with your team, whether you are in the same office or remote. See each other's edits instantly, character-by-character, and word-by-word.

real time coediting

Collaborate in the cloud ...

Integrated with your favorite cloud repository. Co-editing starts whenever your team opens a shared file. No need to "sync" versions or fight with conflicts.

cloud collaboration

...Or from your desktop

Not ready to part with local storage? With a few clicks, you can start sharing and co-editing documents on your desktop with people you trust.

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