Codoxware was founded to create technologies and software that can radically improve the way people collaborate together over their digital documents. Our mission is to make tomorrow's multi-user collaborative applications as pervasive as today's single-user interactive applications. Our technologies and products bring significant new value proposition to existing single-user products on the market, and support people to use familiar applications for both individual and collaborative work.

We focus on creating innovative technologies for supporting multi-user real-time collaboration across the Internet and applying those technologies for building the next generation collaborative applications that synergize the best of desktop and cloud computing worlds. We provide comprehensive solutions and services for transparently converting single-user applications to true real-time and rich-featured collaborative applications. We develop and sell collaborative products that organically integrate state-of-the-art collaborative technologies with mainstream commercial-off-the-shelf applications.

Codoxware is a privately funded startup with offices in the Bay Area USA, Singapore and Australia.