Licensing Options

Codoxware offers the following licensing options for Codox Engine SDK customers:

Time-Limited Evaluation License

This license provides customers with a free (gratis) evaluation of Codox Engine SDK for 90-days. The evaluation version is fully functional and includes all the libraries found in the paid license versions. Customers can develop any application using Codox Engine SDK but are not permitted to release the application internally or externally in any form.

External License

This type license is for customers wishing to use Codox Engine as a part of their products. A product is any software intended for (free or charged) distribution to end users. This type of license is generally royalty based. Royalty payments are negotiable and determined separately for individual products.

Internal License

This type of license is available for enterprises and organisations wishing to integrate Codox Engine into their internally developed applications. This type of license can be royalty based or annually payable. The conditions of this license are negotiable and determined separately for individual products.

If you have any questions about which licensing option is more appropriate to your project, please Contact Us or send us an email at