CodoxEngine (CE)

The CodoxEngine provides comprehensive solutions to complex distributed collaboration problems. The CodoxEngine is empowered by state-of-the-art Operational Transformation (OT) (another good reference) and has the following key features:

  • Anytime collaboration

    Supports both real-time and non-real-time collaboration seamlessly.
  • Lock-free

    Works without using conventional locks.
  • Responsive and non-blocking

    Responds to local user operations immediately without blocking users.
  • Latency-hiding

    Masks network communication latency and works seamlessly in high latency networks (Internet) as well as low latency networks (local-area networks).
  • Unconstrained work

    Supports users to work on shared documents freely without any restriction.
  • Fine-grained concurrency

    Supports concurrent manipulation of shared objects, down to the granularity of a single text character, a single line, etc.
  • Intention-preserving consistency maintenance

    Maintains data consistency and preserves operation intention in the face of arbitrary concurrency and conflict.
  • Any-undo capability

    Supports users to undo any operation at any time for error-recovery, backtracking, and exploration.
  • Automatic merging

    Supports automatic merging of concurrent changes to shared documents, and eliminates the complication for users to create, exchange (by email), and manually merge multiple document versions.

  • Work-preserving conflict resolution

    Supports a range of conflict resolution strategies for meeting diverse collaboration needs, and preserves all collaborative work in the face of conflict.
  • Flexible interaction control

    Supports multiple modes of group interaction, from concurrent and free interaction to sequential and synchronized interaction, and allows users to customize interaction modes according to their task nature, organizational structure, or roles.
  • Real-time workspace awareness

    Supports up-to-the-moment and detailed knowledge of remote collaborators' activities within the workspace by a comprehensive set of awareness widgets (e.g. tele-pointers, radar views, audio/visual cues).
  • Flexible document sharing and collaborative session management

    Supports document sharing via private, corporate, or cloud-based repositories, and session management via peer-to-peer or server-based protocols.