True real-time and full-featured collaborative word processor that allows users to do real-time collaborative work in Microsoft Word.

CodoxWord enables business users to work together more productively and efficiently by integrating state-of-the-art real-time collaboration capabilities with the world's most popular word processor Microsoft Word.

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Increase Teamwork Efficiency

CodoxWord increases teamwork efficiency by eliminating the time-lag and complications for users to create, exchange (by email), and manually merge multiple document versions.

Increase Teamwork Productivity

CodoxWord increases teamwork productivity by enabling team members to simultaneously and freely create, edit, and format documents at anytime from anywhere over the Internet.

Improve Teamwork Quality

CodoxWord improves teamwork quality by empowering team members with Microsoft Word's rich word processing functionalities to produce quality documents.

Improve Teamwork Experience

CodoxWord improves teamwork experience by allowing team members to see simultaneous edits from all collaborators as they are being typed, to visualize the locations, intentions, and actions of distant collaborators in real-time, and to customize interaction modes to suit their collaboration needs.