True real-time and full-featured collaborative word processor that allows users to do real-time collaborative work in Microsoft Word.

CodoxWord lets you hit the ground running with your partners, coworkers, and team members by collaborating directly inside Microsoft Word. Never have to deal with versioning hell or format incompatibility issues anymore!

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True Real-time Collaboration

See each others' edits appearing in the document as they are being typed. Work in tandem with you partners on the next project report and beat that deadline!

Work Directly in Microsoft Word

Collaborate in real-time directly inside Microsoft Word. Say goodbye to mass emails exchanges and messy document versions.

Anywhere and Anytime Access

Whether you choose to keep your files in the cloud or on your own machine, CodoxWord lets you collaborate easily from anywhere and at anytime.

Real-time Awareness Updates

Get real-time updates on what your team members are doing, where they working on in the document, and what they are pointing to with their mouse cursors.